• Cheryl Johnson

    Curly Essence: Tell us a little about the history of your curly hair. Cheryl: Well, I was natural my...

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  • Interview with Tanesha Awasthi

    Name: Tanesha Awasthi Age: 32 Living: San Francisco (Bay Area), CA Blog: Girl With Curves Tell us a little...

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  • Paula Almeida

    This week, we sat down with Brazil-based model — and champion of natural hair — Paula Almeida. Curly Essence:...

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  • Rafaela Avidago

    Curly Essence: Have you ever felt out of your comfort zone because of your hair? Rafaela Avidago: Yes, especially...

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  • Ciomara Morais

    Curly Essence: In the world we live, is it easy be true to yourself? Ciomara: We are educated to...

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  • It’s ma Raye Raye

    Today we have with us one of our favorite vloggers and as a beauty guru that she is, we...

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  • Claire Most

    Name: Claire Most, 23, Paris Curly Essence: Tell us a little about the history of your curly hair (mostly...

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  • Summa Trend’14

    If you remember, last summer the trend were the Havanas Twists well represented by Solange Knowles, but this year...

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  • I love me!

    “Will they like it? They know me like this since…Oh, I can’t! They’ll think I’m awful.“ They may think...

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  • Sorry

    Curly Essence, is not only a place where we share the necessary information so that we can have the...

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