April 2015

Curly Essence: Tell us your journey as a photographer (how it all began). Amaal: There are a lot of vintage photographs around the house. I don't remember how it happened but I became the person who looked after them. I also

Remember that I have included one of her songs in my playlist of the week?! Well, it looks like it was more than deserved. Kehlani released her EP this week and already has xxx positive reviews! Complex put it in

After Amandla's (Hunger Games actress) mediatic message comes another article. One of those that makes us think and says nothing more than the truth. Those we've all thought but never had the courage to say. Toni Morrison, the American novelist,

Well, Drake is in the mouth of the world and that we knew already (including Madonna's mouth) but Networking speaking, Drake is winning, right? This year we already counted a couple of  app's related to the rapper - Drizzy Drake. Drizzy