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The fact that we helped change minds across the world, and helped girls like us, think differently about themselves, making them feel beautiful in their own skin, just makes everything even more worth it.So to end this I will just

Curly Essence: Your remixes are so "smooth".. perfect for a sunset with friends. Where did the inspiration come? Eden Hagos: The main source of inspiration for my mixes are my life experiences. How it is hanging out with the Soulection crew?  I’m really

We still remember the day Josh Farria (one of our favorite photographers) began to follow us on tumblr // Total // Hysteria. We follow his work since the beginning of Curly Essence (2 years ago) and love the atmosphere that

One of the most spontaneous interviews you find here. This week we have Kilo Kish cousin(ahaha joke butcould be! They are so much alike!!), Mitchiko made us laugha lotwhen she toldus her hair adventures. Read and enjoy yourselves. Curly Essence: Tell