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Curly Essence, is not only a place where we share the necessary information so that we can have the best of the best to give our hair. The Curly Essence is like us.. confident, fearless and is primarily a space

"Will they like it? They know me like this since…Oh, I can't! They’ll think I’m awful.“ They may think you are ugly and with a murky look  but they also can notice the amazing woman who briefly had less happy thoughts.

If you remember, last summer the trend were the Havanas Twists well represented by Solange Knowles, but this year everything changed! Although the trend has changed, the Havanas continue to be a good bet for this time more muffled, but

Name: Claire Most, 23, Paris Curly Essence: Tell us a little about the history of your curly hair (mostly negative things that you swear never commit). Claire Most: I used to HATE my hair when I was a child. My texture was

Curly Essence: Have you ever felt out of your comfort zone because of your hair? Rafaela Avidago: Yes, especially when I was younger. In high school, students joked about my hair for being too bulky. At that time, I didn’t

This week, we sat down with Brazil-based model — and champion of natural hair — Paula Almeida. Curly Essence: Tell us a little about the history of your curly hair. Paula Almeida: "When I was a teenager I didn't like my