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  • Natural Hair Glossary – Part II

    Time to discover our NATURAL HAIR GLOSSARY – PART II – a blog post where you get to know the meaning of some odd (or maybe not) words from the naturally curly world 🙂 

  • I S A Natural Hair Journey

    I just woke up one day and said to my mum “I want my natural hair back”

  • Natural Hair Journey with Tyla

    I would’ve never thought I would go natural. I spent every year up until freshmen year of college flat ironing my hair because I was super insecure about my natural hair.

  • Essential Natural Hair Tips

    There are simple steps of your routine that must be maintained and others that have to be introduced.

  • Natural Hair Glossary – Part I

    Get to know a glossary with all the terms, ingredients and techniques you can imagine from our little world of natural hair.Sit down, grab a cup of tea and discover the 1st part of our Natural Hair Glossary!   Aloe Vera Gel: Adds moisture and shine. It is also known for aiding in hair growth for…

  • Alyssa Neilson

    Alyssa Neilson – Curly Essence Chats

    Alyssa, Alyssa, Alyssa – we really wanted her on our platform. As Glossier fans that we are as soon as we saw her face on Glossier´s social media, we had to dive in and find out who was she. Well, we didn’t find out everything about her but almost… And we have to agree –…

  • How to pick the best Leave-in?

    There are thousands upon thousands of products that claim to do this-and-that, which leave our curls so-and-so, but in the end, we almost always end up thinking we wasted our money. It’s necessary to know which product is best suited to your hair type. The trick is that fine hair (between 2C and 3C) requires…

  • alianeuwimana

    5 myths of natural hair

    We decided to let you know some myths when it comes to “natural hair”. Since we started this journey nothing was promised to us! These are the most banal myths and we guarantee that many more exist. Hair grows fast – Well, this myth is just a myth. The hair will not grow from one…

  • Imaan-Hammam-Vlist

    Naturals be like…Humidity 101

    There is a lot of theorys about natural hair and water, natural hair and sweat, hot water, pool water…. Chlorine could be my friend, but it is not… Let me tell you a story. My mum enroll me in swimming classes since I was only 5 years old. I screamed and cryied back then but…

  • Havan…Braids

    If you follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed that my hair has changed!! I’m super happy because after two years of promises or braid promises, finally had the courage to do them. They are perfect for the summer and to be honest, I can relax a little and save a good amount of…