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Wake up with

Mornings are difficult. First I jump out of bed, I turn do not know how many times the alarm and make promises that tomorrow I go to sleep earlier (of course.. it never happened). Uniqlo has launched an app that is quite interesting. Uniqlo Wake Up app is an application that lets you get to…





Swap around

If you had to envy the hair of someone, who would it be? Two and a half years ago I would have said I’d love to have Nikisha or Briana King hair. Both are BEAUTIFUL, but so do I. But what was missing at that time? Confidence, self esteem and love for my hair. I think…


Josiane Monteiro

“Putting chemicals in my hair when was 16 was definitely a bad idea, my hair had no shape and there was not much that I could do with it,so I was always wearing it in a ponytail because it was to damaged.But the best part is that you learn from your mistakes and after that my hair was even better.”


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