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Pink Matter – Carissa Gallo

Pink should be for sure one of the colors of the year. It is on Tumblr, Instagram.. everywhere! Pardon me to be frank but pink was my first favorite color since 1990. My room was (is) pink, pink curtains, all pink, pink everythang. The fault was my mother and when I got older I started…

Briana King

We don’t get it!

– Thinking that the products sold in so-called “African, Brazilian stores, whatever” (we love using these terms) for “curly, kinky, 3b, 4ahair , etc.” not intended to curly white girls. So let’s be clear … there are no major differences between the different types of curls in the world. The existing products in such stores…


Lauren (Graphic Designer)

Both somehow spent most of our days with Photoshop and Illustrator in mode on and it’s always good to know what other designers are doing, how they find inspiration .. is basically always good to know that we are not alone in this daily struggle for creativity (private jokes). Lauren is graphical designer, she is…


That culture thang…

Another way to break the internet is to have a teenager of sixteen years expressing her opinion regarding the oppression of black culture in America. Has long the hashtag break the internet is in a permanent state in social networks (sometimes not for the best reasons but anyway) and if there is appropriate destination for…


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