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Paris | City Guide

I love Paris because there is always something to do, to discover, to visit. And even if it is just something as simple as walking in streets and chill, it is enough to have a great day, enjoy and feel the Parisian life. You will find museums, a beautiful architure, food is excellent. I guess…


Naturals be like…Humidity 101

There is a lot of theorys about natural hair and water, natural hair and sweat, hot water, pool water…. Chlorine could be my friend, but it is not… Let me tell you a story. My mum enroll me in swimming classes since I was only 5 years old. I screamed and cryied back then but…


“You don’t shoot like a black photographer”

If you don’t know who Kevin Morosky is, maybe this little intro will help you out. “I make images, dir videos, & tell you how to make shit more pretty. Deloris van cartier is my Mum. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is my Dad.”. Unbelievably we only heard about him through the interview for –…


How to take care of your daughter’s natural hair

We do not remember when this girl appeared in our lives, but we can say that today we are completely surrendered. None of us dream, think, want, have children right now (helloooo) but as we dream, think, want, have to be like little Riley. Isn’t she so cute? More than a pretty face she has,…


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