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Carioca (Tom Misch – Brazilian Love)

We both think this tune is perfect for the trip to the beach… can you imagine – you, the car, sea next door and the beat with this sugar voice aka Portuguese from Brazil?! Too smooth… Ahhh, is only missing Brazil.

Justine skype.1

Justine Skye – Bandit (Audio)

“I got that game changed and you want it” We went completely addicted to “Collide” featuring Tyga but it was time for Justine add us in another of her songs. Bandit is the first single on her new EP “Emotionally Unavailable” and is already hitting on Spotify. You go gurl!


Turn up!

The fact that we helped change minds across the world, and helped girls like us, think differently about themselves, making them feel beautiful in their own skin, just makes everything even more worth it.So to end this I will just say, natural hair is the bombdiggity.


Is Pre-Poo the secret to happy curls?

Have you heard about pre-poo but never knew what the hell anyone was talking about? With the wind, heat, pollution, and other environmental stresses drying our your hair, it's almost a necessity to restore moisture to our tresses! If you do this process every time you wash your hair, you’ll start to see improvements in…


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