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Ginny & Lauren

Natural hair journey with FroGirlGinny & Lauren Lewis

Find out what being curly means to Ginny and Lauren and discover everything about their natural hair journey featuring ORS Hair Care.     Video staring Ginny Pettitt & Lauren Lewis for Curly Essence Youtube Channel Video by António Medeiros Photography Edit by Denise Sonnemberg – Curly Essence Special thanks to Cozzy Guest House


Rafaela Avidago

Curly Essence: Have you ever felt out of your comfort zone because of your hair? Rafaela Avidago: Yes, especially when I was younger. In high school, students joked about my hair for being too bulky. At that time, I didn’t know how take care of it, so either I did a ponytail or a braid,…


Taste and see if it’s good

One of our favorite hobbies is to spend that half hour before we go to sleep on Instagram. Better or worse, we always “know” someone who awakes our attention, always someone who captivates us and that’s what happened with  Romerlyne. “Architecture for me it’s like a piece of haute-couture” Taste and see if it’s good…

#CurlyEssenceOnBoard – Lisboa

As you may know, we love Lisbon (as everyone I think) and it’s always a pleasure to walk around the city and have the opportunity to show from a local perspective what the best Lisbon has to offer.


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