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One of the most spontaneous interviews you find here. This week we have Kilo Kish cousin(ahaha joke butcould be! They are so much alike!!), Mitchiko made us laugha lotwhen she toldus her hair adventures. Read and enjoy yourselves. Curly Essence: Tell us a little about the history of your curly hair? Mitchiko: The history of…


Daughters of Diaspora

With our new website we want to show you some cool stuff we found on the internet (that’s our way to break the internet!). We are completely art lovers and this project is one of those that makes us think. Why we don’t have this gift? Well, the answer is more than obvious… “Daughters of…


Amaal Said

Curly Essence: Tell us your journey as a photographer (how it all began). Amaal: There are a lot of vintage photographs around the house. I don’t remember how it happened but I became the person who looked after them. I also started to scan the pictures into my laptop. I’ve always been convinced that photographs…


Frankie | Personal Stylist

We are not gone, only preparing big stuff for everyone! But in the meanwhile here we are with a new interview. This girl is such a crush, so beautiful and such a wonderful sprit. Read along her interview and visit her website. Curly Essence: How is the day to day of a personal stylist?  Frankie:…


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