Kitsuné x Kilo

Kilo Kish has been hanging out with Maison Kitsuné and this month it was revealed a mini-capsule collection of easy breezy tees, totes, and tennis shoes, designed in partnership with Kilo Kish. Inspired by the French roots and the classic American summer, Maison Kitsuné found in the American artist, Kilo Kish the perfect DNA in order to make this collaboration possible.

“I wanted to make pieces that felt reminiscent of Americans vacationing in Europe.” Kilo Kish

kilo9 kilo10kilo6kilo7

The capsule collection consists of lightweight (perfect for Summer) t-shirts and sweatshirt plus accessories such as an iPhone case, scarf and tote bag, with stripes in red, white and blue representing the US and France flags. What a nice collaboration 🙂

Photos by Alice Moitie


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