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  • New in Town | Less Baixa

    For those who love weekend adventures, do not forget that Less Baixa has come and is the best appetizer for a wonderful start and end of the day.

  • The Best Lingerie Comes In All Sizes

    What do you know about yourself? What do you know behind your weight? And what do you do when society gives you the mirror? Do you know the reason they do that? TO CALL YOU FAT, to bring down.


    Frozen cauliflower is my new secret weapon when it comes to creamy smoothies. Make this smoothie packed with warmth and the sunshine and enjoy!

  • BEHIND THE BRAND – Bouclème

     It’s been an immense learning curve having never worked in beauty before but no I wouldn’t change a single thing.

  • How to be healthy – Mentally and Physically

    Tamara Pridgett is one of those fitness gurus who knows everything but always with a good dose of “mental health” that is so necessary these days.

  • #CurlyEssenceOnBoard – Lisboa

    As you may know, we love Lisbon (as everyone I think) and it’s always a pleasure to walk around the city and have the opportunity to show from a local perspective what the best Lisbon has to offer.

  • Things you need to know about dating a naturalista

    Sorry guys but let’s be honest sometimes you don’t know shit about how to deal with us. But that’s our fault as well! So we decided to give you some tips on how to not run out of an unfortunate misunderstanding that may occur during one or a couple of dates especially when you date a…


    I have just started to pay more attention to podcasts. Before that, I thought there was the only podcast for “therapy” (you guys know what I mean), but everything changed when I stopped by to the links that I will share with you in a minute. Today it is more than natural to leave home…

  • Ginny & Lauren

    Natural hair journey with FroGirlGinny & Lauren Lewis

    Find out what being curly means to Ginny and Lauren and discover everything about their natural hair journey featuring ORS Hair Care.     Video staring Ginny Pettitt & Lauren Lewis for Curly Essence Youtube Channel Video by António Medeiros Photography Edit by Denise Sonnemberg – Curly Essence Special thanks to Cozzy Guest House

  • Cascais | City Guide

    Yes, we are together again. This time in our beautiful home town, Cascais in Portugal. We basicaly grew up here, and especially in summer, just feels like heaven on earth. With this post we want to show a little guide through this amazing place. Everything just feels relaxed, so let´s begin. Santa Marta Beach: Map…