One of the most spontaneous interviews you find here. This week we have Kilo Kish cousin(ahaha joke butcould be! They are so much alike!!), Mitchiko made us laugha lotwhen she toldus her hair adventures. Read and enjoy yourselves.

Curly Essence: Tell us a little about the history of your curly hair?
Mitchiko: The history of my natural hair is just about as wild as the coil of the curls on my head! It hasn’t always been a narrow and straight road that’s for sure. I didn’t have issues with my hair until about middle school though and it wasn’t until the last high school (I went to 9 different high schools) that I accepted and wore my hair natural.

How long did you find yourself in the transition process – Transitioning to Natural and why you made this decision?
About that same time in high school when I began wearing my hair natural, it wasn’t really a choice actually haha. I started living with my dad is what it was; he compared straightening our hair to putting a spoon on an extremely hot stove. To which you then put that extremely hot spoon on your skin and that’s all it took to get me off that heat, if you know what I mean. I went through a series of hairstyles and cuts in high school though. I started with an afro that never really grew (because of the hair straightening), then an amazing 80’s fly girl hair cut, to attempting to look like Halle Berry, which is when I chopped my hair off!

Januray 2014

What was the hardest part of your transition?
The hardest part of my transition was actually when I went to get my hair cut like Halle Berry. I had this idea that I would walk out of the hair shop with these fly ass finger waves like the ever stunning Halle but nope. I walked out of there looking like G.I Jane. I was devastated.

Are you always worried about in having your curls in perfect shape, or are you more of an apologist of the “let it be”?
I used to be obsessed with the idea of the “perfect curl” and how to obtain it. I would always see girls on instagram and tumblr with their perfect Patene Curls and shit, jealous as hell lurking comments hoping they shared their secrets haha. I thank God that phase of my life is over. I’m way more concerned with the health of my hair and listening to my scalp to give it what it needs versus how it looks.

Is there a secret that you can share concerning your curly hair?
The secret is patience and finding out what works for you through trial and error. I know it can be frustrating, but learn what kind of hair type you have then do research on it from there. I thank the Lord for Francheska Medina (Hey Fran Hey) who is like an older sister to me, she really encouraged me and guided me through some of the roughest times I had during my transition with figuring out a natural hair regimen.


How do you see this new “back to our roots” movement
I see it as a great thing! Honestly, it is very important to have support and positive encouragement with self acceptance in my opinion and I feel as if this whole back to our roots thing is heading towards that gear. We live in a world where they do not teach you how to love yourself. The world has this backward definition of beauty that doesn’t suit everyone so growing up being taught that X type is what beauty is suppose to be when not everyone looks like an X type and in fact most people are Y & Z types. With that said, support all beauty types and support yourself most importantly!

What products do you recommend and can’t live without
Though top three products I cannot live without are Shea Moistures Jamaican Black Castor Oil leave in conditioner,  Carols Daughter Sacred Tiare Anti-Breakage and Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum and last but not least Miss Jessies Pillow Soft Curls styling lotion. I don’t use them in that order, though I do rotate between those products the most.

What were the worst mistakes you made? What advice would you give to anyone who wants to venture out to take care of his or her curls? – Give some tips or share your dirty secrets to girls who want to embrace their natural hair.
There are two mistakes that come to mind when I think of “THE WORST MISTAKES I’VE MADE” one being when I was little I had a bald Barbie I got from the thrift store with my grandma and me being the generous soul I am, I cut off a chunk of my hair to donate to her. Needless to say, my mom whooped my ass merciless and I threw that Barbie away. The second mistake happened when I was in middle school- I thought I could be Beyonce Blonde with boxed hair dye ::SMH::

What’s the best thing about being curly?
The best thing about being curly is that not one curl is the same as the next! We’re all different and we are all beautiful.

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