Soulection: Eden Hagos

Curly Essence: Your remixes are so “smooth”.. perfect for a sunset with friends. Where did the inspiration come?
Eden Hagos: The main source of inspiration for my mixes are my life experiences.

How it is hanging out with the Soulection crew? 
I’m really blessed to be surrounded by other creatives, especially my labelmates, which has influenced me the most. I think that as a creative, especially when you work for yourself, there’s so much more to risk. You have to truly believe in your vision because not everyone will be accepting or understanding of your lifestyle.

For me, it’s all about being really open to learning from those around me and soaking it in. Every encounter matters. You can always benefit from another’s experiences. Stay focused and embrace change.


What’s the 3 top songs of the moment?
Aim High – Chuck Chuck
Amore Celestial – Chris McClenney
Cake Pon De Flo – Cakedog

Soundcloud vs. Tidal vs. Spotify? And why?
Soundcloud, which is my favorite platform to dig for music online and also because its provided me with a platform to grow as an artist.

How would you like to see your career in five years?
My goal is to better my skills as a DJ and begin producing my own solid body of work.

I look forward to Europe in the next few months.

Credits: Images by: adillathegenius

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