Curly Essence: How do manage your fashion blog with your personal life?
Sunita: I want my blog to be a little bit of a reflection of my life so it’s easy to manage. I post about things I do daily from outfits, restaurants, shopping, etc.. so I kind of have a rhythm down but some days can be more hectic than others.

Curly Essence: How do you match your style with your hair? Or is something that you don’t think?

Sunita:I used to think about it a lot when I first began wearing my hair curly, I thought I would be able to go for a modern & sleek look at times but that’s not at all. If anything my hair only adds more character to my outfits.

C.E.: Do you feel that you have had opportunities in life because of your hair?
S.: Yes! I’ve had so many opportunities, one main one is the opportunity to completely love myself and my natural hair. Because I grew up not feeling that way at all. And the opportunity to talk and meet other people on their hair journey. It’s wonderful!! I really love interacting with people on Instagram too and seeing pictures and getting advice on products.

C.E.: Do you made resolutions for your hair this year?

S.: Yes I have, I want to get into making YouTube videos about hair and do a section on my blog devoted to hair!

C.E.: One product that you can’t live without…

S.: Beemine Luscious balanced moisturizer (10% off with my code SUNITAV) I promote it because I 100% love what it does to my hair, hydrates, defines and it light enough for great volume.

C.E.: If your hair was a song, what would it be?

S.: I’m every woman by Chaka Khan or I will survive by Gloria Gaynor. Or any song that makes me feel like a BO$$ and has a powerful bridge/chorus

Photo by: Jamie Ortega

Shanita Sims Hair – Kiya Jones Makeup – Marika Aoki Model – Sunita,

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