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  • Essential Natural Hair Tips

    There are simple steps of your routine that must be maintained and others that have to be introduced.

  • FAQ’S – Your questions, answered!

    You have done a lot of questions and we don’t have always time to answer one by one. This post goes through a “general idea of what has been going on here”..…

  • Natural Hair Journey With Emma Curls

    I love the natural hair movement! In a way it’s very feminist, it’s teaching women of all ages to love their natural selves when we have always been taught to ‘fix’ or ‘cover-up’ what is not the Western standard of beauty. It’s a girl power move that has also created a big gap in the market which women, especially of color, have seized and are really killing it out there.

  • Natural Hair Journey With Cláudia Turpin

    My standards of beauty were pretty much my classmates’ hair or what I saw on TV and magazines, which was mostly long, straight hair, so those were my goals. It’s weird thinking about that phase now because I’ve totally embraced who I am, kinky hair and everything, but my natural hair journey was definitely a struggle.

  • Curl Talk with Maria Imaginário

    I think is the funniest thing ever, because no matter how you feel about an outfit, your hair can never go wrong – your hair always saves the day. It’s like the key piece in your closet, that statement clothing that you will always have. Sorry, Gucci I already have my curls!

  • Natural Hair Glossary – Part II

    Time to discover our NATURAL HAIR GLOSSARY – PART II – a blog post where you get to know the meaning of some odd (or maybe not) words from the naturally curly world 🙂 

  • I S A Natural Hair Journey

    I just woke up one day and said to my mum “I want my natural hair back”

  • Natural Hair Journey with Tyla

    I would’ve never thought I would go natural. I spent every year up until freshmen year of college flat ironing my hair because I was super insecure about my natural hair.

  • Kassala Holdsclaw

    “Putting chemicals in my hair when was 16 was definitely a bad idea, my hair had no shape and there was not much that I could do with it,so I was always wearing it in a ponytail because it was to damaged.But the best part is that you learn from your mistakes and after that my hair was even better.”

  • Things you need to know about dating a naturalista

    Sorry guys but let’s be honest sometimes you don’t know shit about how to deal with us. But that’s our fault as well! So we decided to give you some tips on how…