Protective Styling

5 benefits of protective styling and why you should try it!

Winter = hair protection = extra attention = a lot of patience but, what are the real benefits that my hair will get by doing protective styling? If they exist…

Of course there are benefits of using protective styling, whatever it may be (simple bun, bantu knot out, braids, etc.). They protect your hair and reduce the level of breakage of the same, which means your hair becomes stronger and the probability of watching it grow increases!

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Protective styling protects natural hair

Is quite evident that, this method makes us not waste so much time to get ready, but doesn’t mean we don’t have to take care of our hair. We wave to make a pledge to moisturise daily (natural oils are well absorbed while the hair is dry). Protective hairstyles help a lot with limiting environmental stresses on natural hair by keeping the hair tucked away.

We recommend also the daily use of natural oils (mix water with your preferred oils) and before bedtime is always good to protect your hair using a silk pillowcase. Despite all the benefits there are, using them can become a bit boring? We think no such thing. So why is boring? Wear your hair every day the same way? Protective styles require imagination, patience and love. It’s time to put our imagination in its highest expression. We play with  versatility and originality.

This post from explains very well all the steps for you to understand and choose the right protective styling!

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