We decided to let you know some myths when it comes to “natural hair”. Since we started this journey nothing was promised to us! These are the most banal myths and we guarantee that many more exist.

Hair grows fast – Well, this myth is just a myth. The hair will not grow from one day to the other or even if you do ten deep conditioners in a week (don’t do it, please). You’ll need to know your hair just like you know the palm of your hand. You’ll need to know when your hair needs moisture and many other issues. When you guys know how to answer all the questions or most of them, then you’ll get to see your hair grow… it will take time but it will grow every month. naturalhairsista

Expensive – No, it’s not so expensive to embrace natural hair. We believe at the beginning you’ll want to try all available products in the market, but you will reach a stage that you know what results with your hair or not. Sometimes having a good oil and a good conditioner do miracles to your wallet!

Unprofessional – We don’t know who told you that, but what about “unprofessional mind”?!

Is not attractive – THIS is for you and not for your man (or the opposite. Cause we know there are some guys out there! We see youuu). Embracing natural hair will give you the power to love yourself a little bit more (discover yourself, your roots or whatever you want to call it). Will give you so much power that you’ll be to busy to even care about what Society thinks about your new you (be you, do you, love you!).

Natural hair gang – This is hilarious, don’t you think so? Some sistas they’re trying to change the game but in a wrong way. Just because you decided to embrace your natural hair doesn’t mean that your friends, family, people around you have to do the same. Embrace natural hair is not for everyone but yo, sista you don’t need to neglect your friends if they don’t want to give the same step you gave. Take it easy missy!

Model Aliane Uwimana


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