How to wash your curls for maximum bounce

Nobody ever taught me how to wash my hair!


It is, supposedly, the most basic beauty routine, ever. But, with so many types of hair in the world — especially when it comes to curls — not all people should ‘poo their ‘do in the same way. Let us help you out.

We use the expression, “pre-poo,” to describe a process that decreases the drying effect of a good shampoo. For example: Before using shampoo or conditioner, massage coconut oil into your locks 30 minutes before showering.

Wash Your Hair In Sections
Why? For those who have medium-to-long strands, this is a better way to wash your hair. It ensures that product gets evenly distributed. You should divide your hair into two or four parts, and use the same wash process on each one of them.

Shampoo And Condition
Shampoo (preferably without sulfate) should be used only at the roots — and conditioner along the shaft and ends of your hair.

Your hair should be dry after the previous steps. Use a microfiber towel or a T-shirt (clearly the much cheaper option). It’s your diva time!


Model: Armanda Matos
Photographed by Denise Sonnemberg

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