90’s you killed us!

Many of us (purposefully as it is, we believe the “back to our roots” team is not composed mainly by females) have dwelt at some questions – Why only now? Why we have to leave my hair “au naturale”, became an option? Why are there so many questions and so much stigma towards something that should be well received? We never thought that whether we have the finest hair in the world with a touch of no defination or a more curly hair, the option to let it be as it is never been considered. Straightening is the remedy or was the remedy.


We wanted to be like our friends, wanted to belong to a group and we knew from an early age that if it were otherwise, we would be put aside. We wanted to be what we saw and notice that not only Barbie (doll we received throughout the entire year with a tanned, smooth and long hair ) helped us overcome this malice. It had to appear on the television, show that linked Japanese mythology to very unorthodox figures, so that we started to feel joke joy of the spiky hair, forehead eyes, men with shells on the back and start to believe that if we found the seven crystal balls, we could make a wish.

Here, in this society, not one as found further more seven … we had to see these drawn animated, exported from east to begin accepting what is different.

We wanted to be what our parents tried to educate us, wanted to be a portrait of society, prefer to be the opposite of reality, and we never wanted to be ourselves… 90’s you killed us!

Armina Mussa by Yumma Al-Arashi

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