Bad habits every curly girl falls into and how to break them!

This is that time of the year where we start to make it or break it! I believe that even more important than accomplish new goals is to break old bad habits. Sometimes we just give up with being natural and run back to the simple and easy life of relaxers and protective styles, because we just stuck with routines that aren’t benefiting us in any way. I’m going to list some of the most common bad habits which I personally went through and were the main reason I wasn’t seeing results.

Stop washing your hair every single day or every 2 days.

This bad habit I honestly believe is only for those with really dry hair. Disclaimer* If your hair is naturally moisturized or even oily, there is no bad habit here. You can actually wash it many times as you want. 

In my personal case, I was washing my hair almost every day. Big no, no in our curly book of rules. Washing our hair that often, is the main cause of breakage and thinner hair. Even if we pledge with only using sulfate-free shampoos. We are actually stripping all the moisture out and not cleaning our hair at all. Our scalp is getting so dry that it is always trying to balance out producing more oil.

So first and foremost, try to wash your hair 2 times a week or if you are brave enough only wash it once every 5 days. You can do it! And in those wash days try some apple cider vinegar rinse to really clean your hair from all the build-up. Which get us to our next bad habit:

Trying every product on the market, one after the other!

Imagine washing your hair every day, and every day using different products because no product worked at the first try… When we’re transitioning we want instant results and end up using product who promised extreme hold and perfect definition. That will not happen overnight. And being really truthful here, no damaged curl will recover overnight. All the different products that exist in the market will only work in a healthy curl. This is a process. And you can do it. How? Start by using a product after you wash it, then during the week, fight the temptation of washing it again, mix leave-in with a bit of water and refresh your curl during those days. Next time you wash your hair, actually use the same product! Give the product a chance to work on a more healthy strand.

Resting my faith only on masks and deep conditioning

Healthy hair only happens if you are healthy. I often see major changes in my hair when I’m sick. I remember that when I was transitioning from severe heat damaged hair, that even after 5 natural hair masks, my hair continued to be very weak. I was so focused on being able to leave my best curly hair life, that I forgot to take care of myself physically and mentally. Being really serious when I say that was my mental shift that really helps this process. Being constantly anxious and even sad that I wasn’t “beautiful” was destroying me and my hair. I actually decided to ate better, drank a lot of water and shut down my brain with negative thoughts and continued my life. During this time I also start this platform with @annisshfd . Do whatever you believe is best for you to pass the harder phase from transition.

Wanted to be like somebody else

I believe that from this point on you guys have already seen a link between all the bad habits. This is actually key to achieve that desired curl pattern. But one important note: YOUR curl pattern. No someone else’s. You want the best version of yourself above all!

You can do this!

photo from @mignonettetakespictures tumblr page

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