Curly Essence: We know that before launching Bouclème, you worked in the music industry as a marketer. How were those days?

Michele: Yes I worked in music for 10 years working on artists like Nelly, Mary J Blige and many more. It was great while I was young, lots of travelling, late nights at gigs or clubs but it’s a very male-dominated industry which at times I found incredibly frustrating. I don’t miss it at all.

Michele Scott-Lynch, Bouclème Founder


Curly Essence: What inspired you to create Bouclème and where the name came up from?

Michele: When I decided to embrace my curls and stop fighting against them I found it hard to find natural and effective products for curly hair here in the UK. A lot of brands were from the US and I couldn’t understand why none were British. After a visit to a curl specific salon in New York where I left the salon with fabulous looking hair for the first time ever I knew I had to create something for the UK market. The name is a hybrid of Bouclée which is french for curly and my name, I really wanted something unique so I could trademark it but also on an energetic level had the word curly in it.

Curly Essence: What was the toughest part when you decided to the launch the brand?

Michele: I’m really creative so I relished the whole conception and launch of the brand what I found hardest was working alone. Now I have a great team that’s growing which is great for the support.

Curly Essence: Let’s think about the whole process you had from finding out the name of the brand to formulations. There’s anything you would change?

Michele: It’s been an immense learning curve having never worked in beauty before but no I wouldn’t change a single thing.


Curly Essence: What’s in the making for Bouclème right now…

Michele: So much is going on, we have some exciting new products we’re preparing to launch and fantastic new partnerships in the pipeline. All I can say for now is watch this space!


Lauren Lewis for Bouclème


Curly Essence: Not everyone knows but you have two beautiful daughters, and as a mother, you may feel inspired by them. How do you see them in 10years?

Michele: My daughters inspire me every day to be a better person and I think they find what I’ve created with Bouclème inspiring too. I know they feel proud of me. My eldest daughter is going through the awkwardness of puberty and currently battling against the bigness of her curls, she doesn’t like it which I find hard to observe. She has the most amazing curls so I hope in 10 years she’s fully embracing and loving them. I hope they both grow to always love and believe in themselves fully, then I might feel like I’ve served them well.


My daughters inspire me every day to be a better person and I think they find what I’ve created with Bouclème inspiring too.



Curly Essence: And where do you see Bouclème in 10 years?

Michele: A global brand with a trusted range of products for all curl types. People consider curly hair niche but the variations within the niche are vast, I would love to create holy grail products for all variations of curls and textures. I would also like to create a farming cooperative where we grow and source raw ingredients for our range creating jobs and giving back as well as making great products. It would wonderful to have one or both of my daughters at the helm with me too.


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