Curly Essence: On a Curly day what’s your process?

Celeste: I wash my hair every four days (so not a wash and go on a daily base). All the products I use for my hair are from Kera Care, but sometimes I do experiment with different products.
Basically I create volume by pushing my hair up or using an afro pick. I use an oil once in every two weeks or just when I feel my hair needs it. Leave in conditioning is also essential! Same story: I do it when I feel my hair is getting dry.

Curly Essence: What were the worst mistakes you made? What advice would you give to anyone who wants to venture out to take of their curls?

Celeste: I have two. The first one was straightening my hair for a year, I had to big chop after that and it was terrible. I hated my hair. But eventually, I don’t really regret this experience, because my curls came back even prettier then they were before.

The second one: I’ve experienced with different hair colors: lighter, darker, red and… blue/purple. I liked it for a few days. After that I was so tired of it and I realized that the highlights in my hair suited me better. So… I started missing my old color. I did everything to get the purple/blue out of my hair. After one month, using a color toner (which takes out all the unnatural colors in your hair) my hair dresser was able to apply highlights again. Which was very necessary, because the ends of my hair turned out to be green after the toner… Yes… I know.. let that sink in. Thank God I have my old color back!


Curly Essence: How do you match your style with your hair? Or is something that you don’t think at all?

Celeste: I don’t really match my hair with my style. I just wear what I like and my hair is what it is. I do think that my hair is very noticeable in my appearance. Perhaps my hair would make every outfit a bit more funky. But with or without curls: I would always wear the same clothes, no matter what my hair looks like.

Curly Essence: Tell us a story of one of your outfits…

Celeste: Two years ago I was searching for a printed suit. It took me a while before I found the perfect one, but after that, I somehow kept finding suits like this one. The outfit on this picture is my third printed suit. I bought it at Topshop. I love to wear printed suits, with other printed shirts or blouses. It sometimes feels quit chaotic, but I like the look of it. You are free to wear whatever you want and you can put so much creativity in fashion! I try to use those aspects every day in all my outfits.

Curly Essence: If your hair was a song, what would it be?

Celeste: It would probably be Treat Me Like Fire, by LION BABE. Because I’ll burn yo ass when you touch my hair without asking. Hahah, just kidding. No, the song is just very awesome and she has that big hair thing going on too.

Curly Essence: One product that you can’t live without…

Celeste: I really do not know… It sounds so corny, but I think I’m just not that materialistic. All I care is to have nice and loving people around me.


Curly Essence: Do you feel that you have had opportunities in life because of your hair?

Celeste: I do, because I am able to inspire people. It’s so amazing to see how people react so positive on rocking my natural curls. I really appreciate that and I feel that gives me opportunities to grow, learn and inspire even more. Even though your hair is not who you are, it can make you feel confident about yourself. A lot of women don’t feel that way (yet) and I hope they will some day. Besides that, I am very grateful for everything.


Celeste’s website: Celmatique Website

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