Curly Essence Launch Party

Hair, was always a word that unbelievably twisted our minds and after three incredible years of sharing our natural hair journey with you, Refinery29 and Cosmopolitan UK, we decided to combat the lack not only in the Portuguese but also in the European market to help Naturalistas untwist your c u r l s with the best products and bring your story and voice to life through the newest online store.



Espaco Espelho D´Água was the venue chosen for the presentation event, a unique concept of place which unites art, people and nature, creating a unique experience.

The presentation took place last Thursday, May 19th in an intimate dinner, which featured several moments of social awareness by Michele Scott Lynch and Melissa Sinclair, founders of Boucléme and Big Hair, on the current state of Natural Hair industry in Europe.


Selling online, is the first step to provide the best products for natural hair and is all about delivering a fascinating experience that brings the brands that always been there for our adventures to life and connect them with the European customers.


It’s all about the curls of young, enterprising, modern woman.. it’s all about and for you!

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