#CurlyEssenceOnBoard – Lisboa

As you may know, we love Lisbon (as everyone) and it’s always a pleasure to walk around the city and have the opportunity to show from a local perspective what the best Lisbon has to offer. Last Summer (feels like was yesterday) our CEs fam came straight to NYC to Lisbon for this adventure with us… like, how cool are they?

Mel Burgos, as you probably know her already from the previous interview came to Lisbon with our beloved friend Austin Willis for a couple of days. Whenever we know when we will have some of our virtual friends visiting us, we immediately create a route, a guide to places in the city that we would like them to meet. Places that tourists would not even remember to go… such as Casa Independente –  Mouraria –  Casa do Alentejo – Alfama – PARK Bar and so on (ok, we know they are quite mainstream right now as everything in Lisbon at the moment).

We had a blast time with them as you can see below…


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