Dana Washington

Dana Washington is one of those artist that we found online like most of the things these days, right? How do you feel when during those random nights you find some really dope artist around web? You just wanna hang out with them and have a little chat. So that’s what we did with Dana. Raised in Buena Park, CA and living in LA, Dana is a quiet, reserved photographer who loves to find creativity surrounded by peaceful spaces. If until now you think need to know her more, check what we discovered about her.

Curly Essence: Tell us your journey as a photographer
Dana Washington: Honestly, I was browsing the MySpace one day and came across a friend’s photographs. His pictures were grainy and dirty looking, so I inquired about them. He told me that he used film cameras to photograph and not digital, so the next day I went on eBay and bought my first film camera…This was back in 2010 by the way. Since then, I’ve experimented with 35mms, medium formats and digital cameras; I appreciate them all equally.


The key to creativity is?
Dana Washington: Staying inspired, staying consistent and staying active in and with your work because creativity is all around us. It’s also of high import to execute your works when all the pieces align and never rush to release your work until it’s 100% done.

What’s your perspective on the World and on life?
Things are really tough right now especially for people of color…things have always been tough for us. My perspective holds very little value because there’s so many different perspectives, and they clash. I think my main purpose on Earth is to be helpful and useful when I have the chance. If I can do that, then I’m doing my best.


Who’s your favourite photographer, or the one you’re inspired by the most?
B+ (Brian Cross) caused me to see the world differently, period. He has taken so many legendary photographs of musical acts that it blows me away, his eye is exceptional. Kahlil Joseph is doing an amazing job visually with film currently. He too has changed the way that I see the world.

Do you have a project in mind for the future?
I dedicated a year to a series I am currently working on entitled “Awa.” I began back in December of 2014 as my “artistic” response to the police brutality against black men and women. With how the media portrays black men and women, alive and deceased, is utterly… it’s disgusting. I wanted to photograph not only black men and women, but all people of color in a way that was dignified and beautiful. I hoped that the images would be both arresting and empowering when people came across them on social media… I didn’t know what else to do, so I started photographing. I owe it to the participants. As for the future, I’m preparing to write a children’s book… I’m taking baby steps.

Dana’s website – www.theloverfly.com

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