Drizzy Drake

Well, Drake is in the mouth of the world and that we knew already (including Madonna’s mouth) but Networking speaking, Drake is winning, right? This year we already counted a couple of  app‘s related to the rapper Drizzy Drake.

Drizzy AppProvides answers to your friends (Snapchat, Whatsapp, Tinder and other coupling networks you want to set) in lyrics format without they even notice. Basically the app give you the opportunity to choose the most appropriate (or not) lyrics from Drake’s album in response to whom you are speaking. – We tested the app and it’s amazing!


Drake ShakeThis app was the first to be released (so if you want to be “cool” your time is over. Try to re-use in seven years!). Drake Shake allows sticking a photo of the rapper in one of your embarrassing photos. Nothing new here. Drake is already used to.


Let me Drake that for you This is not an app but it’s a funny site. We are used to Google everything that appears to us or we don’t know the answer. This site can search whatever you want and the search result will be something related to Drake. Take attention to researching Drake is not Google and has no answer for everything. Shotout to the creator who created the site in eight days and made us laugh a lot. You are the real MVP!

And then you can find some games on Itunes such as Drizzy Bird or Running through the 6 – this is getting too ridiculous. Let’s stop here.

let me drake that for you

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