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FAQ’S – Your questions, answered!

You have done a lot of questions and we don’t have always time to answer one by one. This post goes through a general idea of what has been going on here.. or better your doubts! We got you covered, your questions, answered! Let’s go!

I want to assume my natural hair. What should I do?

Good decision. We are proud of you! Now it all depends on your courage. Cut your hair – big chop – or cut the tips every month a little Transition

What products should I use when I start my transition / big chop?

Not worth spending a lot of money on products! At this stage will not be able to see what is the shape of your snails. Think first to moisturize your hair.

How to prevent split ends?

After use the leave in always use an oil and begin to apply it at the tips. This helps to close the cuticles and prevents split ends.

My hair a few days after washing seems dry.

Nobody said a few days after washing your hair you can’t wet it again. Quite the opposite! You should always have your mini spray with you (water + oil) and refresh your curls and before you go to sleep just make a hair massage with your favorite oil (so good!!).

How to get more volume?

Comb, comb, comb…!! He is the best friend! Just comb the root and done!

It is possible to untangle my hair when it is dry?

Yes, but with the fingers! You can untangle with your hair wet or dry. You can see our post about pre-poo at refinery29

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