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Dalston and Stoke Newington are one of the areas where I would love to live in East London. Currently are areas considered “Hispter” and a bit expensive for anyone thinking about living there. Apartfrom in Dalston and Stoke Newington you can perfectly see the mezcla of multiculturalism that exists in this city.
But geographies for another day, today I present to you one of the best spots for those who are always looking for the best brunch in town – Green Room Cafe located in Stoke Newington Church Street at first sight deceives many people. Green Room is a florist and a cafe at the same time, with a terrace that allows us to take advantage of the sun’s rays during the summertime.

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Offering a totally delicious menu at a very reasonable price, Green Room is bound to be included in your London guide!

The Green Room Cafe
Stoke Newington Church Street,
N16 0UD

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