Anita Grant Castor Oil

The shift I made, that finally help with my hair growth!

Photo by Muhammadtaha Ibrahim Ma’aji on Unsplash

I remember back in the day, when I decided to embark on this journey, the focus was all around my ends and middle part. Those edges were receiving zero affection. Maybe because the damage was so evident on other areas that the “healthiest” part of my hair was put second and really blocking any hair growth.

I wonder why I was the only girl who’s curly hair growth was no where to be seen..

There is a reason why everyone advices to shampoo only the scalp area. The newest strands are located in the scalp. The rest of our hair received all the shampoo for a lifetime. The trick is actually to let the it glide through, when rising it off. 

Over the years, I didn’t do any of this and was always obsessing about volume and hair growth. I wonder why I was the only girl who’s curly hair didn’t grow.. Even 3 years after I started Curly Essence I didn’t understood the real cause. 

When we decided to open an online shop the first thing people wanted to buy were oils. I remember reading a lot of pro’s and cons about them and was extremely challenging for me to understand how to properly use them and benefit their proprieties on my 3a/b hair.

I start using oils at the end of my wash and go routine, because I saw other curly girls doing it and raving about the results and how their curls were just so smooth and hydrated. Mine on the other hand, looked like instant noodles.. They look heavy and flat and yes I can say they were hydrated..

“the more you’re curly your hair is, the heavier products and oils you can use duo to dryness.”

In my case and for type 3a/b hair curly girls, we will be more prone to frizz so light hair products will work better, so the same goes for light oils otherwise it will make our hair look way to shiny and heavy. Understand that the more you’re curly your hair is, the heavier products and oils you can use duo to dryness. 

So with this you can all see that I was putting heavy oils before using leave in and gel. No volume there… I was blocking my curls and basically letting no moisture go through.

I decided to make a shift on my routine and eliminate oils on my wash and goes but using it on pre-poo and on third and fourth days when doing protective styling, like braids. All by accident I started using the Anita Grant Organic Virgin Castor Oil only on my scalp.

I’ll do a scalp massage with the oil sometimes before bed, but only when I know that I’ll do some kind of bun or braid the next day, because it will change my curl pattern. There have been days where I only use this oil, with nothing else, when I feel in need of a break. 

In less then a month I notice a significant growth, and not only just me but my friends and family as well. For years I noticed that I my hair type had changed, but after all I just wasn’t treating the right way.

Is so important to understand your hair. Nowadays the amount of information is so much that is really worth it, for you to just dig in.

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