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How I actually take care of my curly hair, after 10 years of going natural

My curly hair journey was, a lot of ups and downs, but above all, a lot of learning. What i did 10 years ago, is not even close to what I do nowadays. I can say that my 6 hour, sunday routine, reduced to one hour preparation, including shower time.

In the beginning, during the transition, and even after a few good 5 years, my routine was just unnecessary. Even after all the damage recovery, I still believed my hair needed a 7 step routine, that would take at least half a day. I can go even further and just say it…you do not need to cold wash your hair…done.There is just not enough scientific evidence that supports this… if we consider the little difference it makes and the discomfort it causes, when using a conditioner that already is formulated to close the cuticles is doing the same.

Let me show you some other steps that I believe you can just cut out in time:

LOC Method

This method is actually a great thing for every curly girl to do during transition. Every foundations behind it helped me and many others reach their optimum curl. However, since reaching my healthy curly hair, I decided to move away with the routine. My hair actually didn’t need all that moisture, and my lifestyle didn’t work with the method. So my advice to you is adapt your routine, to what you feel is comfortable for you and your hair.

Moisturise Regularly

The Loc Method actually brings me to this topic specifically. The ideia that our hair needs constant moisture, is a bit wrong and marketing targeted by brands. If our hair is well washed, cleaned and moisture on wash day, i guarantee that you will not need to reapply butters or oils until your next wash. All this of course depends on your lifestyle, environment, hair texture… so adapt the amount of product and moisture on your wash day and see how it goes.

Not shampooing and only co-washing

Ok, so this one is a sensitive one. We all know, by now, that excessive shampoo usage is bad. It drys, causes itchiness, and in general is just not good. But, all scalps at some point, after all the build up will need to go through some properly cleaning. Nowadays you can find products without sulfates, who will deep clean and moisturise your scalp at the same time. I recommend using a Clarifying shampoo to get rid of all the dirt.

Do not spend more that you can afford on products. Do it yourself!

Shampoo, Clarifying shampoo, Co-Wash, Deep Conditioners, Daily Conditioners, Leave-ins, Oils, Oil Treatments, Gels, Light Gels, Scalp Treatments, Serums… We must analise how much it costs to maintain our natural black hair. It is not cheap, and it never reaches the level of pure satisfaction. So I believe we must be smart and practical on this issue.

Our beauty habits need to change. We are constantly being bombarded with ads that will promise everything, and all of this marketing is just escalating our insecurities. And not all products will fix what you believe is going to fix. Once we learn to disconnect and actually start loving our hair, even on the imperfect days, everything else will get better, including our wallets.


I understand that can be a little misleading when we as brand also at one point sold a lot of products, that we believe would help you with your journeys. We are constantly learning, and educating ourselves as well. One things if true, everything starts from within, never on the outside.

Photo by Cortney White on Unsplash

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