Tamara Pridgett is one of those fitness gurus who knows everything but always with a good dose of “mental health” that is so necessary these days. So for that and obviously cause, she is gor-ge-ous (in and out), we had the pleasure to invite her to share with you guys some of her tips on how to be healthy. And even if you are one of those laziest out there.. well this girl can make you move!! Anyway, just a side note, but every time I say “move” I automatically think about this song (listen here). Silly me!


Back on track, take your notes on how to be healthy mentally and physically.

Create a Routine, Stay Organized

Having an established routine makes everything from working out to being more time efficient easier. I’m a creature of habit, and if you constantly feel like you’re “all over” the place this will definitely help. I try to schedule the days I want to workout a week in advance with Sundays as my planning day. Try writing out your major plans/events for the week ahead!



Exercise is proven to release stress, help you sleep better and to improve overall mood. Try to move for at least 45 minutes a day (walk, ride a bike, go to the gym, do yoga).


Listen to your body

With the popularity surrounding health + wellness increasing each day it’s hard not to fall into the whole competitive nature of being healthy. You see it all the time with how many workouts you can cram into one day, who can do the longest detox etcetera. Competition is healthy when done in a smart and responsible manner.  If you’re feeling extremely sore, under the weather or whatever else it may be listen to your body and give it the necessary break it needs.


Mental Detox

It’s imperative that we’re physically healthy and taking care of ourselves including our mental health. Try taking a social media detox. It can be a few hours, a day, a week, whatever you want, but give your mind a break. Enjoy the present day.


Be kind to yourself. We can be so hard on ourselves and it’s necessary to take the time to really realize all that we have accomplished and done in our lives.


Try journaling, even if you have to do it in the notes of your phone. Whatever your feeling write it down and revisit it in 24 hours and see if your initial emotions have changed.


Create an emergency self-care list. This can be used for bad days no matter how small or extreme. My list includes, going out for a walk, getting a matcha latte, cooking a meal, taking a shower, and going up to the roof and sitting. Find the things that make you happy and don’t be afraid to resort to the list!


Get to know more about Tamara, here: tamarapridgett.com and make sure you follow her on social media @Tamsgoinham

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