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How to dry our curly hair. Our best tips!

How can we dry our curly hair faster and efficiently? Sunday is usually the day that we have to devote a little more time to our curly hair. Day to use deep conditioner (intensive mask) and you already know how it is… 20 minutes for Conditioner, 30min for deep conditioner more “lalala” forget, takes an afternoon to treat and a night to dry.

On these Sundays the technique to dry hair faster appeared. We did not have to read on any website, much less see a video on youtube.

The technique is very simple and just need a bit of energy, but nothing like a banana milkshake to accompany the moment!

Time to put your AirPods on (for minimum hair damage purposes) at full volume, do click on the links down here and shake your head (up and down, left and right).

You didn’t think we were actually ending this topic on some simple self care sunday moves? So how do we actually do this without any frizz?

photo by curly essence

Dry your hair in your car

You can actually turn this technique into a thing, if you drive for work for example. earlybirds that are always rushing in the morning can benefit from the cars AC our heathers to dry theirs curls. Imagine this as a huge hooded dryer!!

Use the famous diffuser

Diffusing your hair, for those who like, can help a lot in the long run. Bonus point that it helps a lot with adding volume to our roots.

Let it air dry

We actually do not recommend this during winter season, but when it is hot outside, there is nothing better than to dry our hair in the sun! 🌞

This are the main techniques we both use for drying our hair. If you wanna see other great tips, jump on the post by Naturally Curly and check other amazing tips.

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