How to take care of your daughter’s natural hair

We do not remember when this girl appeared in our lives, but we can say that today we are completely surrendered. None of us dream, think, want, have children right now (helloooo) but as we dream, think, want, have to be like little Riley. Isn’t she so cute?


More than a pretty face she has, she is undoubtedly inspiration for all of us. Why? We hear you ask… With her ​​age we didn’t know even half of what she knows.  How many of us with her ​​age loved our hair?

And how you should take care of a child’s hair? Well, the care mothers have with their own hair, they should have with their children too! The routine is always the same regardless of age, but obviously there are precautions that should be taken, especially with chemicals that are often found in the compositions of certain products.

Try to make it an “educational activity”, especially for children who don’t show much love and affection for their curls, is important for the mothers/parents show their children they should be proud of the heritage passed on to them. And not to be stressful for the child, it is always advisable to take care of your child’s hair when she’s whatching cartoons or when you know there something will distract them. So you hear less “ouch mom is hurting!” Typical arguments.

Photos by: Christinshootspeople

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