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I’m a curly girl in an influencing world! Learn to create your own curly routine.

Healthy hair is the goal for most of us! And like every other instagram post, YouTube video or influencer, makes it seem that everything is simple and easy. Unfortunately not all of us, even if we share the same type of curl, we do not live in the same cities, or share the same lifestyle! We do not have the exact same type of hair. Believe it or not, that is what makes a difference when creating a curly routine.

It’s very important for, individually create a hair routine that fits you and only you! Getting frustrated because we did everything the other person did, is not the solution. They don’t share our DNA, we are unique.

Of course that there are some simple techniques which will help us create the right curly routine. Here are some of our most realistic tips:

Be a Product junkie (the right way):

There is no better method than trial and error. But is mostly important to do your research first, and within that range of products, go and try them all.

Is very important for you to let your hair make the shift, so try using the same product/s at least during 2 weeks.

Avoid comparing yourself to others:

As we said earlier, we all have our unique curls, unique hair cut, the way we middle part is not the same as the next person. So keep that in mind and try not the let this process exhaust you. The most important thing to retain and work on, is to love ourselves and believe that our hair looks good for us, and is healthy.

Simplify, simplify, simplify your curly routine:

When we start this journey, we tend to try every freaking method on the books. We see ourselves creating routines that last 4 to 5 hours, that at the end we do not see any results. 

Start small and simple. I advise you to create a calendar, where you mark certain days for certain things. Or you will see yourself getting deep conditioning masks every single day. Even too much conditioning is bad.. so you get the point.

Believe or not, the more simple your routine is the better it will be. Is exactly like having a dozen browser windows open and getting nothing done. If we tackle one task at a time you will see yourself even enjoying your curly routine and taking care of your natural hair.

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