Let them eat FRÔ

 Have you ever thought that the simple fact of having taken or go make a decision that you will have no a priori harmful, may eventually turn against you? Having to go through radical change to adapt a new me, having to go through the social judgment.. but will this trial should be done? When not at all affect the continued existence of the ants in the world?!

 We instruct the idea that from the moment we take something that is ours, society should not judge us, but to accept that and clapping a hand on hair.


 What exists is unfortunately a fake society model, which says accept with out never judge or reject. But wait a minute… If we were born without a limb, this society would not judge us, with “luck” would look aside and call them “poor creatures” or “limited” (limited is this Society lack of values​​!), If we had the height of our teenage years, made two or three piercings and a few triangles tattooed on the body, the Society would acclaim – “a day will repent of this foolishness.. but where have you seen?! These children..”, regardless of the decision making of these hormones effervescent impair the proper functioning of the World.

Society ignores some, judge others and we? We have all members, we have no tattoos (unfortunately) or piercing and we assume who we are.  Supposedly everything is in accordance with the laws of this experience among all assumed. No it is not! Society judge your lack of limitations, Society judge if you are fat or thin, considers how many holes you have in your body, and how many sketches expressionist live on your skin, Society reaches the height of ridiculous to judge whether you wear your hair straight or not … What the Society should judge, do not judge! The trial is physical and intelligence pure mirage, UNFORTUNATELY.


Photographed by Lar Rattray

Jewellery by BlackBettyDesigns.com

Modeled by Patricia Laloyo

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