Essential Natural Hair Tips

How do you take care of our hair? How many washes? Can you go to sleep with your wet?

At first, we didn’t even know half the answers to some questions that we will answer here. But time teaches and helps so let’s do it! There are simple steps of your routine that must be maintained and others that have to be introduced. Don’t see your method as a tiring process, but as an important piece to the nutrition and hydration of your hair.

– Before going to bed, add a few drops of your favourite oil (coconut, jojoba, castor, etc.) in your hair and do a little hair massage to stimulate the scalp.

– On a wash day, choose a good shampoo that does not remove the moisture from your strands. You can also opt to use apple cider vinegar + water. For those who don’t like to use shampoo or just choose to use once in a while, you can skip this process and jump into co-wash.

– After the shampoo, use a good conditioner! Choose conditioners that always contain water as the first ingredient and also contains Aloe Vera!

– Conditioner in your hair, wash it off, great! Next… We always dry the hair with a t-shirt to not cause frizz! Grab the worst t-shirt you have at home and make it work.

– Leave In time – You can see here some of our options: Conditioners. Regardless the brand you use, the secret is more is less, ok?! And the same goes for the amount of oil you put in your hair.


For those who are starting and want to know how to create a natural hair routine, this is the most simplified way! Well, it is still missing us to answer a question. How many washes? That’s up to you and your hair type.  Usually, I wash my hair (and I’m a 3C- 4A) once a week, and that’s enough.

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