New in Town | Less Baixa

If there is any reason why I decided to come back to live in Lisbon, it was certainly because of the quality of life! Lisbon has light, enchants and leaves us enchanted by its famous narrow streets and undoubtedly by their people.

And if you’ve never met Lisbon, I can introduce you as the most beautiful of all European cities. The places where you can walk, the people you can meet and the food you can taste – everything happens in Lisbon when you love Lisbon. The feeling is indescribable…

“ Everything happens in Lisbon when you love Lisbon. ”

As a city lover that I am, I could randomly select 3 or 4 or 5 places to know in town. And one of those places would be for sure Less Baixa – Located in Rua dos Fraqueiros (9th floor), this new restaurant in downtown Lisbon is the ideal place for that 5 o’clock cocktail time that extends until dinner time (’cause the food is to chorar e pedir por mais – old Portuguese saying).

When the decorations match your mood board on Tumblr, we know we can not ask for much more, right?! But last weekend it was time to meet the newest-future-in town spot and to give their yummy / delicious / to die menu a try!

Less Lisbon has Cheese, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Tartare, Grilled Squids,… you name it!

Starting a meal with a couvert (bread, toast and flavored butter) is essential in this restaurant. Where we can taste all the flavors that will follow throughout the meal. Sooo never miss this step – always say yes to the damn couvert!


I could have lost myself by the courvet, the cod tartare, the delicious grilled squid – could have lost myself by the incredible atmosphere experienced in Less Baixa but the truth is, I lost myself for everything. The decor, the food too die for and the terrace are certainly the business card.

For those who love weekend adventures, do not forget that Less Baixa has come and is the best appetizer for a wonderful start and end of the day.


Rua dos Fanqueiros, 276,9th Floor, Baixa, Lisboa


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