Our post about pre-poo (very suggestive name? Not!) Caused a lot of confusion around here and we decided to simplify it a bit more the idea. We received a few questions here and at Refinery’s website, if it was possible people with wavy hair perform this process… the answer is simple! Anybody can, but for those who have some fear of being left with the hair a bit oily or less (due to the use of oils), today we offer another way to do, another way to cleanse your scalp and should be done before the use of conditioner. Hence the analogy associated with the PRE-POO!

We currently live in a society immersed in detox and giving value to what the land produces (happy) and we as friends of nature that we are , we are about to teach how to make this cleanser! Lemon + Cucumber.

Lemon contains cleaning properties, while the cucumber is a nutritional ingredient. These two together make magic!

– Peel 1 lemon and 1 cucumber;

– Grind it to a paste;

– Put the mixture in your hair, do a little massage and withdraw with water (preferably cold).

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