The beginners guide to curly hair

The realistic beginner’s guide to all things curly.

Or, should we say, all things tangled… Here we try the explain our realistic beginner’s guide to all things curly. We cannot count the amount of times we were reached by the most amazing ladies, trying to dive, in this natural hair adventure. As much we want to help and tell you the holy grail of frizz free curly hair. The truth is.. there is no magic…

Myself and Ana decided to create this space, 6 years ago. It has been 6 years of ups and downs, and lot of learning above all. We do run a platform about all things curly hair, where we try do give our tips and tricks, that we’ve learned through our personal hair journeys. Are able to help a lot of girls, which leaves our heart truly full. But, we have a confession… We do not always practice what we preach…

There is a reason why all this slacking begin to occur. And it is that I spent almost 3 years over-obsessing and over-caring my curls. With this I gain bad and mostly good things. That’s why nowadays I don’t actually need to spend that much time taking care of it. When I do or do the minimum, for me it is enough.

Let’s dive in into some specifics:

Stay consistent with taking care of yourself. 

One advice we try to give to everyone, especially if you are in the transitioning stage, is trying to stay consistent with your hair and yourself. Most important than products that work if having a body and mind that works even better. No Conditioner or Shampoo will work if you don’t take care of yourself first.

Taking care of your hair and avoiding at all costs using heat on your curls.

This is a process. A big one. It can probably be one of the biggest. And when you reach the level of healthy hair, you will see that, your love for hight buns is alright. You will know that on those days where you can really take care of yourself your hair is going to be there, exactly how you want it.

Photo by Curly Essence – Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Photo by Curly Essence – Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Continue to try new techniques

It’s a rough start with a wonderful life. See that I didn’t say finish or ending? Because we are always learning, even myself. I still see myself everyday researching and learning from others influencers.  Even the best of us in this game have days were we don’t know how to maintain our curls.

Oh and remember!

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