Curly Essence: How long did you find yourself in the transition process – Transitioning to Natural – and why you made this decision?

Simone: I transitioned when I was 17 years old my hair broke off due to relaxer, tight braids and not regular treatment.
I decided to wear my natural hair and go on te journey one looking back at pictures and just remembering all the women that I looked up to rocked their natural hair Diana Ross, Alicia Keys, Melanie B (scary spice), Angela Davis and so forth.Simone

I also felt it was important that for when I have children that they have a mother who embraces their self natural as they will likely have similar hair texture to mine.


Curly Essence: What is the hardest part of your transition?

Simone: Lack of education of hair care in the black community. It wasn’t exciting visits to the hairdressers they lacked education with how to take care of natural hair because it was all about relaxing or weave. Also lack of good products out there now its overbearing with so much to choose from.


C.E.: – Are you always worried about in having your curls in perfect shape, or are you more of an apologist of the “let it be”?

Simone: I am lioness so the mane is going to do what it will do. Sometimes every curl is popping and sometimes they like to fall out with eachother I embrace it how it is and how it goes. I have a variety of textures in my hair and I’ve learnt to love them all.


C.E.: – Is there a secret that you can share concerning your curly hair?

S.: My secret, I don’t have one as I believe in sharing so my secret… is regulalr head massages get that blood circulation bumping. I tend to do this in the shower or when I am doing a deep treatment and applying the product to my hair. Oh and WATER! Treat your hair like a plant its that simple!


C.E.: How do you see this new “back to our roots” movement?

S.: I know hair is hair and it should be left to the creative to do as they please. But to women who have had relaxed hair since young age and never seen their natural roots I do think you go on a journey… and it may start with hair but then it will lead to your mind and soul. Its beautiful. The more natural a person is I believe the more grounded and substance they are.


C.E.: What products do you recommend and cant live without?

S.: Coconut Oil and Water!


C.E.: What were the worst mistakes you made? What advice would you give to anyone who wants to venture out to take of their curls?

S.:Relaxing my hair and listening to too many people who believed they knew my hair the best. My advice is keep it basic don’t feel you have to go out and buy every natural product. Learn about your hair introduce basic things into your diet for example more water.


C.E.: Do you think your story after being shared by BBC News, meant that something happens-or do you think the mentality still remains the same? And what do you think could be done when it comes to natural hair?

S.: believe that BBC NEWS has raised awareness and its caused conversation but its what are WE going to do about? There has to be a movement and support and me speaking out is just the start of highlighting the issues of conforming within empolyment and society. I believe what needs to happen in regards to natural hair is just keep educating and embracing it then being accepted for whether you have locks, fro or braids will become the norm.  I am not here to make people comfortable or suit fit we should embrace each others differences.

C.E.: What’s the best thing about being curly?

S.: The best thing about being curly is that it means I am being me, simple as that. I am embracing me!


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