Styling Swimwear by Wilma Moisés

Swimwear season is upon us. And for most women, one piece, definitely is not enough.
Taking central part in our vacations and summer wardrobe, swimsuits can be either your best friend, or your biggest enemy, in the blink of an eye.
Therefore, with so many styles, colors and brands, the task of choosing and styling can get a little overwhelming.
Here’s some tips for every body style. Take a look at our 3 top favorite styles.
Just like any other piece of clothing you got choose the one part of your body, that you feel most comfortable showcasing.

The high west two piece.
This one can cover until your mid peace, and depending on the patterns one chooses to rock you can pass as either bolder (graphic patterns) or classic mademoiselle (plain, clean, simple warm colors).


In this particular case, due to the fact that the high waste tons your silhouette, we choose our favorite shoe of the season:
the gladiator sandals. This give you a city warrior vibe, and enhance your legs. Perfect for medium tall women who are not afraid to show some leg action.


The Low-Cut.
This my ladies were specially made for the brave ones. Not only showing legs, back and some on the side boob action, it tends to design your whole figure, leaving little to the imagination. You can also play from very interesting patterns to some simple tons, either way, what you see is what you get.
Decided to take a risk with a non so traditional hat, the visor is perfect for that cutting edge vibe, paring it up with some bold bag.


Or you can keep it all the way simple, let your body do the talking, and your hair be your best accessory.
I’m rocking a protective box braid hairstyle, but it also looks amazing with all the traditional african hair-dos.
Do not be afraid to express how you and your hair are feeling that day.


The risqué two-piece.
Ladies, this one is only for the brave of heart. Confidence is the middle name of this piece, and we are crushing on the playing aspect of this particular design. Pair it with your favorite sun blockers and shoes and you are ready the conquer the world.


No matter what specific model of swimmer one chooses, the idea is to keep it simple, but at the same time play around witch accessories who reflect your spirit. Just don’t forget to have fun while working that summer vibe!


Ph by Jaime Figueiredo
Styling, Creative Direction, Make-Up & Modeling by Wilma Moisés
Swimmwear by Voke
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Post by Wilma Moisés
Model: Wilma Moisés
Website: Fashionsambapita
Instagram: @fashionsambapita
Facebook: Fashion Sambapita

Gladiator sandals: ZARA
Visor by: H&M
Sunglasses: Fendi
Pink bag: H&M
Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics

Hope you guys enjoy this piece.

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