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If you had to envy the hair of someone, who would it be?

Two and a half years ago I would have said I’d love to have Nikisha or Briana King hair. Both are BEAUTIFUL, but so do I. But what was missing at that time? Confidence, self esteem and love for my hair. I think this step is part of the journey and admire the hair of other people or wtv not always mean we would like to be like them. In my case (at that time), I just wanted the perfect hair of Niskisha and would also like to have the long legs of Briana. Time passed and my admiration for them continued while the love for my hair grew.

If at this point I envy the hair of someone? No.

If I would like to have their hair? No.
If I’m happy with every part of my body? Loading process…but I love myself.

Photo: Solange Knowles for ASOS

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