The Best Lingerie Comes In All Sizes

Since we have been writing about Society and while my ginger & pineapple candle is burning next to me, why not write about what the F Society thinks about your F body?


The F Society thinks your F body is disgusting and that you should be hidden from the streets look. (Pause).

You shouldn’t do this…you should do that!  Are you sure?

“Sorry, but we don’t have that size in-store… maybe you should check online!”

 (b*, please look to yourself… that’s what the sales assistants usually think. I know them and they know me for sure).


And what do you know about yourself? What do you know behind your weight? And what do you do when society gives you the mirror? Do you know the reason they do that? TO CALL YOU FAT, to bring you down.

Seems, if you have fat in your body or at least visible fat you are in the World to make Society laugh. And that’s what they think about you – You’re funny. Point. Society is funny. Fuck!

But then we have campaigns like this one that makes you feel pretty inside and out. And campaigns like this make you break the mirror into Society faces.

Love yourself little sista! YOU ARE F BEAUTIFUL.

The Best Lingerie Comes In All Sizes

Photographed by Cass Bird

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