Things you need to know about dating a naturalista

Sorry guys but let’s be honest sometimes you don’t know shit about how to deal with us. But that’s our fault as well! So we decided to give you some tips on how to not run out of an unfortunate misunderstanding that may occur during one or a couple of dates especially when you date a naturalista.

  • Never ask to touch her hair! – Why? Don’t you think it’s a little too intimate for a first, second, or even a third date to ask her if you can touch her hair? We know you want to touch her, but you better chill yourself out. Tip: start with a hand gently on her face and when she’s not expecting you say: “Your hair is… so soft” – you just won 10 points like that!
  • You should never like, n e v e r at any time in life question the time it takes a woman to get ready, especially if she has natural hair. You can’t imagine what we go through. Imagine if we had to do everything in a hurry.. well, you know – the right goes all wrong.
  • Sunday is a holy day! – Sunday is one of those days that ask for movies (hold on! Not that type of movies), bed, a glass of wine with your pet (if you have). Not a day to go out, no, no, no! For that, we have Friday and Saturday. Sunday is the perfect day to wash your hair, do all sort of things so that during the week isn’t necessary to spend so much time taking care of it. Sunday is the day to go out with your friends and send her that special text. She will be happy and so do you!
  • Never ask why she doesn’t straighten her hair. HELLOOOO, that’s for sure suicide!
  • Don’t show too much interest in her hair. SHE’S MORE THAN HER HAIR!
  • TIP FOR HER: if he wants to touch your hair, let him touch it! Why the person who is next to you, the person with whom you have a relationship with wouldn’t be able to touch?

Photo: Stella Blu + Anwar

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