Turn up!

 I don’t want to make this emotional, like I don’t do emotional.. I mean never publicly, always in secrecy.  But one thing, I believe we all got it by now, is that there is always someone, or something that makes us feel, like really feel, that love and pride. I think you already know where this is going.

Curly Essence turns 2 this month, and of course, it requires for celebration, because Curly Essence is the thing. What do I mean by “The Thing”? In my life of endless tries of writing, online spaces, where I express myself kind of thing, seem to never work, and I never understood why couldn’t I keep with it. Like no motivation, for more than 3 months feeling super original and full of ideias. Not until I started this space full of beautiful people, that I finally realize that in those past blogs, I wasn’t being myself at all. I mean I wasn’t lying or something like that, but wasn’t showing all of me. I was in that fase, where I believed that I wanted to be like that girl, full of swag, drinking Starbucks, in fancy clothes and living that tumblr life and all of this with my long beautiful straight hair.

Curly Essence not just brought to my life friends that I cannot thank enough, but finally gave me the , that everyone talks about in fairytales. Of course I still have my super shy days, shyness does try to much to be your bff and always wins, but now I just live my days with that “damn I look different and I love it” kind of attitude, and actually feel good about it, not looking like the tumblr girl. Now I want to be my version of Tumblr, and copy the drinking Starbucks thing because commo’n, Starbucks is just the bomb.

With all the chitchat I just want to say this. This blog right here, is my baby, my pride and joy. I believe things happen for a reason and for a reason I meet Rita and for a reason we both started this beautiful, fun space. And for a reason the blog brought to us, amazing people who now make part of the curly essence family and we couldn’t be more happy about it. The fact that we helped change minds across the world, and helped girls like us, think differently about themselves, making them feel beautiful in their own skin, just makes everything even more worth it.

So to end this I will just say, natural hair is the bombdiggity.

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