We don’t get it!

– Thinking that the products sold in so-called “African, Brazilian stores, whatever” (we love using these terms) for “curly, kinky, 3b, 4ahair , etc.” not intended to curly white girls. So let’s be clear … there are no major differences between the different types of curls in the world. The existing products in such stores or hypermarkets serve us all !

– Who decides to get in the “be natural” mood and then decide to use a chemical to activate any “clusters”, like fo real? Are u kidding?! Such nonsense!

– Naturals suddenly start to hate all the other “cousins” only because they continue to use extensions, fake hair / / whatever you want to call them. Just because you are “a natural” and you proceeded to be affiliated to the Greens party, does not give you the right to judge. Do your thang and do not mess with others!

– Who brags about having a thousand and not even two products know how to use and spends his life complaining that nothing works. Obviously, not! Sometimes just read on – how to use. If it says “a little, is a little… it is not a handful and then come complaining that the product x sucks“

Model – Briana King

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